Buying a Home

How to Simplify your Home Search

Our FREE MLS® Home Search is the easiest way for you to find your new home. Are you planning or are you currently trying to find a new home? Many buyers have a hard time figuring out where to start. You look online and see a few you like but have to call several different people and then have to juggle scheduling appointments with each of them. Or you start going to open houses hoping that the right house will be one of the homes you happen to walk into that day. This may be how you are looking for a home because a lot of buyers are doing just that. Many buyers that are in this process have also cautioned on calling for professional help from a Realtor because they thought they would have to pay for these services.

We are here to simplify your home search and show you how this costs you nothing as a home purchaser. The home sellers are under contract to compensate any parties involved in securing a sale of their home. The home buyer has no out of pocket expense as they are not the ones selling a home. If down the road that home buyer in turn decides to sell their home and chooses a Realtors® services to sell their home at that point they would incur agreed upon expenses. So as a home buyer you are actually paying for nothing when requesting the services of a Realtor® to help you buy a home.

Our FREE MLS® Home Search takes this a step further by explaining to you the process of purchasing a home, and how we will take you step by step through that process. From understanding your current market, obtaining necessary financing for your home purchase, finding your perfect home, securing the sale, and what steps to take prior to moving day; we will be at your side the whole way.

As a home buyer working with us, we simplify your home search by providing you with exclusive access to all homes for sale in specific search criteria. You can view pictures and full details of these homes for sale. You will receive priority email notification of NEW listings as soon as they are listed. As we enter this process we can modify this unique home search until we zone in on your dream home. We take out the all the work of you trying to find a new home and put you on a path that leads you from looking to moving. AND best of all it costs you nothing.

That’s why it’s important to know the facts and understand the process of buying a new home. To gain immediate access to our FREE MLS® Home Search fill in the information, and we will put you on the fast path to finding your new home.